Mix And Match

Trends change faster than you think and it’s not always easier to decide what you should wear particularly when you have unique curves. Remember, it is important to think how you can adapt to the ever-changing trends while maintaining the beauty of your curves.

Fashion is all about wearing something that gives a great look and a unique appearance as well as comfort.

For plus size clothing, it is recommended to follow mix and match style guide to flaunt your figure in a great way- these winters. Find out a good pair of outfit that fits your waist and thighs such as waist clinching dresses or gowns that covers your torso area without hanging loose.

  • You can even experiment long jackets, fringe sweater coat, tunics, jumper pullovers, knitted shirt top, long knit cardigan, and knit embroidery stitching sweater with high waist ripped

  • Always look for free-flowing outfits that don’t cling with your curvy figure. Dresses with flared bottoms and fitted top can do wonders to your plus-size appearance. This mix and match vintage style can give you a magical look and boost up your confidence levels too.


  • Choose patterned fabric instead of plain fabric because patterns always encourage flattering shape. A patterned outfit can balance the curvy figure in a good proportion and adds versatility to the appearance. So, go for patterned or boho prints to follow mix and match styling.


  • Two piece suits such as skirts and trousers is a must buy for you. But, if you are shopping for formal wear, make sure that the outfit you pick does not have shoulder pads. You must be thinking WHY? Right! There’s a reason behind that- it will make you look larger.
  • Always remember, having a plus size figure does not mean that you can’t show off your curves or skin. Go for some decent western outfits or pair an off-shoulder top with crop lower, palazzo, leggings or bell-bottom pants to set a trend in mix and match outfit styling. Invest in a good pair of high or knee high boots or sneakers.
Proud of your curvy figure and be a trend setter by admiring fashion in your own way.

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