Fashion ABC for Plus Size Women

Plus-size fashion is booming in India, and unarguably we need to think beyond sizes.

Recently, for the first time, Fendi's fall 2020 show in Milan, Italy, showcased a fabulous plus-size collection. The plus-size models- Jill Kortleve and Paloma Elsesser walked the ramp in plus size outfits. Isn't it a WOW moment as it inspires a lot of plus size women to flaunt their curves in style?


Plus-size fashion trends have evolved a lot more than ever; there's a need to understand and adopt it with confidence. People are talking about curvy outfits, but don't know where to get started. Here, we will introduce you to a complete fashion store that is meant for curvy beauties. Yes, you heard it right!

One-Stop Fashion Store for All Plus Size Needs

Ciaobella, a plus-size online shopping store, brings all the curvy collection that you have ever thought of. All the curvy women out there must get a chance to dress-up the way they want- from head to toe. The online shopping outlet displays an exclusive summer collection from full-size tunics and bottoms to lingerie and footwear.

A plus-size fashion is anything above a large measurement. Style experts call it anti-fit or loose clothing, and a lot of designers are featuring it in their fashion shows. Understanding of fabric, color, prints and embellishment, right fit, silhouette, etc. will balance the outfit and make you feel comfortable.

Think Different- Don’t Always Go with the Flow…

Plus, size online shopping is always the best option for curvy women. It's not still practical to keep the outfit simple- just because you are curvy. An excellent understanding of the right pattern grid, creative styling, and proper draping will help create a new style option. Look beyond the regular styles and try something different- entirely out of the box!

The best plus size online fashion store includes bold lingerie and cozy sleepwear collection that will make you fall in love with it. Not just that, you will get everything that’d compliment a wardrobe in a real sense. Get a spectacular plus size clothing that adds a wave of style to your outstanding personality.

Stay tuned for more info on the plus-size collection!

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